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        • The PSK total product offering provides our customers with a full complement of customer support services designed to ensure the clinical and economic success of our customer’s EECP therapy programs. In addition to the highest quality, scientifically proven ECP therapy systems, the PSK Advantage includes four customer support programs. These programs were developed over a span of 20 years in cooperation with our customers, who have shared their experience and best practices in achieving clinical and economic success.

          Logistics and Technical Support Program

          ? Shipping and delivery / setup included
          ? Installation by authorized and factory trained service engineers
          ? Warranty includes telephone and online support
          ? Post Warranty service programs include preventive maintenance inspections and accessory and supplies discount.
          Clinical Support Program
          ? On-site training by authorized and specially trained instructors
              - Theory of Operation
              - Patient Assessment
              - Inflation and Deflation Timing
              - Hands on training with your patients when available
          ? Educational clinical slide presentations

          ? Clinical Hotline to assist in patient selection and management issues

          Patient Recruiting and Marketing Support Program
          ? Patient Recruitment training which includes the latest and most effective tools to promote EECP/ECP to patients within the practice, hospital network and medical community
          ? Marketing materials including files to print patient brochures, posters, videos, newsletters, etc.
          ? Web site support and links to our web sites
          ? iPhone Application designed for patients, physicians and therapists
          ? EECPForum and other web sites to support the discussion of EECP amongst physicians, patients and therapists.

          Regulatory and Reimbursement Guidance and Support Materials
          ? Assistance with documentation required for local registration, licensing, etc.
          ? Shared experience with government and private payers
          ? Effective samples of pre-authorization, appeal letters and  letters of medical necessity
          ? Shared experience and guidance in pursuing coverage and appeals